The Issues

Our Kids’ Education

Attending school in a safe and loving environment where both teachers and parents are empowered is the absolute key to receiving a quality education.  A quality education will help our kids succeed in life.

This is an issue that should easily unite people, but my experience as a Director on the Adams 12 School Board, a father of four young kids, and a leader of a non-profit that is active in schools has shown me this is unfortunately not the case.

Politics and the desire for control overshadow the true goal of education.  Politics shift the focus away from our kids to winning political battles that divide us.  Our kids suffer because of these political battles, regardless of which side “wins”.

My experience and passion will help me unite our community on this issue and ensure we stay focused on the true goal:  ensuring our kids receive a quality education that will set them up for success in life.  No other goal is as important. 


Over the past ten years my commute to and from the Denver Tech Center has greatly increased.  Why?  Because our state leaders have not been able to come together to fix the obvious problem. The solutions are known.  What it will take to fix the roads is also known.  All we need are for state leaders to act.

Like all of you, the extra time I spend in traffic is time away from my family and the important things in life. 

An effective transportation system can greatly increase the quality of life in Colorado. I will use my years of experience uniting people to ensure the implementation of solutions that can finally fix our transportation problems, especially as our population grows. Now is the time to act.

Encourage Public Service

Multiple studies have shown that helping others not only benefits the person receiving the help, but it makes the person serving happier and healthier.  I have spent most of my life serving and helping others and I know these studies are accurate.

As a State Leader, I will encourage our residents, our businesses, and our non-profits to work in partnership with the state to ensure people in need receive better and more timely help from their fellow citizens.

Jobs and the Economy

A thriving economy with quality paying jobs is one of the best ways to ensure our families and communities thrive.  Our State Leaders need to understand this and not over regulate or over tax our job creators, especially small business owners. 

As a state leader, I will first and foremost keep families in mind while making economic decisions that will impact their quality of life.  I will not support any new taxes or laws unless they create greater economic benefits or freedom for our families and community. 

Regulations are necessary at times but not if they harm our families and their ability to make a living and support their kids.